Would you like a calm, comfortable birth?

Most women would say a resounding yes to that statement – and I was no different when I was pregnant. I then did a HypnoBirthing course and went on to have two amazing births. I was so impressed with the results that I trained as a HypnoBirthing teacher in The Mongan Method, and I now teach ante-natal HypnoBirthing courses for couples in Crystal Palace (London) and surrounding areas.

HypnoBirthing is both a set of practical techniques to help you through pregnancy and birth – such as breathing and relaxation techniques – and a philosophy that centres on natural birth and avoiding unnecessary intervention. The aim of a HypnoBirthing course is to educate couples about what a calm, gentle experience birth can be, and equip them with a range of tools to help them achieve that. The course covers a wide range of materials, but a typical session may include:

  • Discussion of theory
  • Relaxation practice (a bit like the guided relaxation you might do at the end of a yoga class)
  • Watching a HypnoBirthing birth video
  • Practising breathing techniques
  • Demonstrating good birth positions

As well as being informative, I like to think that my courses bring the added benefit that many people attend NCT courses for – meeting other like-minded parents in your local area, who you can keep in touch and share your amazing journeys with.

For more information, see my FAQ page for responses to frequently asked questions. You can also find out more at the official UK HypnoBirthing website.

The Mongan Method